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As a new upcoming alternative business it is very important for us to make sure, that our values match with yours, so I want to introduce you to my Shop.
And yes, here I will no longer use the words "we" and "us", because infact, this is a single Person business. So yea...
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unique ~ independent ~ you 

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First off - Equality!

I am part of the LGBTQIA+ Community & a full supporter. And so is "Dark Dolls" as a brand.

I can't say this often enough: I believe that fashion is or rather SHOULD be for everybody. Gender doesn't matter - but PERSONALITY does! Fashion is Art. It is a way to express yourself and your feelings and not what gentials or sexuality you were born with.

Enough of this toxic BS masculinity & feminity! And because THIS is what I believe in this shop will NEVER have male or female devided categories.

In the future this shop will offer clothing as well - however I preferr to go by size charts rather than having the audacity to tell you what "men" & "women" are supposed to wear! No. Fuck that!


By saying "Fashion is for everybody" I mean that not only the gender shouldn't affect your choice of clothe, no - your skin color, body type, age - hell not even a disability should keep you from expressing yourself and wear whatever the hell you want!


That is the only thing that matters - and I am trying to provide this possibility to you by offering affordable unique products that show your individuality ♥


Stustainability & Enviroment

I won't lie. In the past I haven't been thinking about eco-friendly packaging at all. However I have grown as a person and started to care more about that aspect of economy & ecommerce so now I am constantly working onmaking the packaging more stustainable & eco-friendly.

This process is more expensive & does take longer than expected. Finding the right manufacturers that are somewhat affordable to purchase branded packaging from isn't as easy as I thought.

But I decided that it would be the best for the brand & us all as human being living on this planet.

Soon Dark Dolls will be using biodegradeable eco-friendly polymailers & corrugated paper boxes for all orders with more than 2 items! We will then adding a card with instructions on how to dispose our packaging correctly ♥

Inventory from oversea is also shipped by sea freight which does mean that shipping takes way longer - but it is infact way better for the enviroment - that's why restocks take a bit of time.

Our Products & the future

At this very moment, DarkDolls is only selling Jewelry which is about to be extended by smaller Accessiores with the March restock already.

However I am planning on extenting the shop's stock even more. I want to branch out into larger Accessiores & maybe redesigned alternative fashion, once the budget allows me to do so.

To be up to date on new Products & Plans you should check out our News Page or sign up to the Email list to be exclusively informed ♥

When it comes to the products I sell right now and especially in the beginning of this business I want to be transparent. Some products are infact traded, meaning I buy them from a supplier & resell them. However this is just a small portion of the shops inventory. Most of my pieces are infact handmade. (As stated in the product descriptions) -  I can ensure you that ALL products, that are classified as HANDMADE are crafted by my own hands & designed by myself.

Once I can afford it I am planning on cutting out all traded items from my inventory (especially the once that aren't performing too well) ♥


How you can help

I want to build this brand up to the top - but not just for the money - no. I remember being insecure about my fashion my whole life. I was supressed by the society's standards and felt pressured to be normal.

Once I was being braver and started looking for more alternative clothes & accessiores I liked - all of them were so expensive I couldn't afford them with my tiny budget.

So no I have grown into a young woman with the vision to make alternative fashion & accessiores afforable and accessable for EVERYONE - no matter the budget.

And that's where YOU can help. Not only me - but others that are in the same situation.

If you have ordered from my shop it would mean the world to me - and us as a brand - if you could share your experience & our work wherever you can. ♥

And if you haven't ordered yet - maybe share it with a friend who might like it!

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